How We Started

Vibe Lights was started as a branded store that provides Premium LED Light Strips in 2019. We first launched on Instagram as @vibelightsmy in Malaysia. As more and more people were using LED Strips in their TikTok Videos our fan base grew to over 20,000+ and still growing with our highly engaged social media followers and customers in 20+ countries. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to make your room/space to VIBE as we create an aesthetic atmosphere that makes you feel chilled out when your alone or with a loved one. We want our fans and customers to feel the change in VIBES from relaxing to PARTY MODE at different scenarios so that you can have a memorable night. 


Let’s be honest not everyone has a room that VIBES, we want to change that in Vibe Lights, we were created solely for the purpose of creating lighting products that look and feel amazing. We don’t want to bore you with too much detail but we’ve basically engineered the perfect blend of technologies to construct the ultimate VIBE on top of great design. We’ve optimised our products for each and every room. We’re not telling you that our products are perfect, but honestly, vibing has never felt THIS amazing.