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<transcy>Set Penuh Lampu LED</transcy>

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Update: As of now DREAM LED Strips are currently available. However, due to high demand and low availability, this product is selling extremely fast and we are expecting it to be OUT OF STOCK very shortly. Once we are SOLD OUT, it will be a few weeks until we get back in stock as this product is a new release. (20M is currently SOLD OUT)


📡 Wireless Remote Control
🌈 20+ Colors on remote
✂️ Strips Cut-off Feature
🩹 Adhesive Backing Tape
⏰ Long Life Span 50,000+ Hours
🎀 Flexible Ribbon Strips
🔌 Easy Installation

What's Inside

1 x Wireless Remote Controller

1 x Wall Adapter

5M/10M/15M/2x10M RGB 5050 Color LED Strip Light

batteries might be or might not be included

TikTokers, Instagramers & Gamers this is for you

Our community of COntent Creators love our products, you will love them too, try a set now to get amazed by the lights !


This is the perfect addition to any room that will really make it pop! 

Our Vibe Lights LED Strips allows you to experience color like you never have before.  

Immerse yourself in a full spectrum of color options and explore the lights that will set the perfect mood! 

This little upgrade in your room will change the VIBE entirely..... 😮

20+ colors for each MOOD 😍🥶😈🥵

Thinking of giving your room a total makeover and don't know which product will change it up the most, we have a solution for you.


Want to study, play games, have fun with your friends over for a party, or even Netflix & Chill 😉 (not advised for the younger audiences) go & select your current mood.

Find the right SIZE 📐

Having a dilemma on what length you should put in your room, we highly recommend 15M & 20M to get the full effects so you can VIBE with style.

More Features 🤩

What are you waiting for, your friends already have a room like all the cool kids, we're not saying that you're not cool, you just need to step up your VIBE game with us!

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Get the perfect combination with the correctVIBEwith Galaxy Lights. Trust us the only thing you will regret is not getting it together with the Galaxy Lights.

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