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Ray Lights

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Update: As of now DREAM LED Strips are currently available. However, due to high demand and low availability, this product is selling extremely fast and we are expecting it to be OUT OF STOCK very shortly. Once we are SOLD OUT, it will be a few weeks until we get back in stock as this product is a new release. (20M is currently SOLD OUT)


🎞️ 4 Exchangeable Ray Films
🧩 Body can disassemble
🕒 180 Degree Rotation
⚙️ Adonized Aluminum with Matte Finish
🔌 USB Plug

What's Inside

1x Ray Lights ( 4 in 1 ) with USB

4x Dazzle Films

1x Instruction Manual

TikTokers, Instagramers & Gamers this is for you

Our community of COntent Creators love our products, you will love them too, try a set now to get amazed by the lights !


This is the perfect addition to any room that will really make it pop! 

Our Vibe Lights Ray Lights allows you to experience color like you never have before.

Immerse yourself in a full spectrum of color options and explore the colors that will set the perfect mood! 

Creating a SUNSET in your room, how is that possible...😮

Feel the Sun ☀️

You can now be under a beautiful sunray's even if you're stuck at home and wondering what to do, take some nice pictures & videos then upload it too Instagram to TikTok.

Ways you can customize ⚙️

Multiple ways that you can mix and match with various colors and moods, having parties, photoshoots or even having dinner with a loved one Ray Lights can be used in many different ways with your imagination.

How To Use 🛋️

You can adjust the Ray Lights holder and adjust the angle to suit you. Different lights can be produced from different angles to bring different effects to your room. The size and shape of the halo can be adjusted by rotating the light.

Dazzle Films

Ray Lights provides 4 dazzle films for you to mix & match, being in the sunset, having an evening book reading session, or making TikToks it is all in your imagination on how you want it to be.